The Tinkerer

My answer to the “Intelligence-based, half-casting, crafting class”. Build mundane objects at lightning speed using Construction and turn them into pseudo magic items with your Affect Engines.

There are two versions of my class. Both versions will be reproduced here. There is the Original Version (hereby dubbed Original Tinkerer) which is approximately 10,000 words long and was formatted by me. Then there is the EN5ider version (hereby dubbed En5ider Tinkerer), which is 6,500 words long, to which I sold a 1 year license to (which has long expired). They are both excellent, and while the En5ider Tinkerer has more missing content than I would like, it also has a completely revamped Mechanic Subclass that rebalances the 20th level Mega-Robo capstone feature into a 10th level feature, which means you get to control your giant robot suit much sooner.

Original Tinkerer (Page 1): Google Drive Link
Contains Base Class, Bombardier, Steam Knight, and original Mechanic subclasses, as well as entire Power Appliance list and Power Appliance design guide.

En5ider Tinkerer (Page 2)
Basic Doc (Contains Base Class and Steam Knight Subclass): Google Drive Link
Advanced Doc (Contains Bombardier and Redesigned Mechanic Subclass): Google Drive Link
See Page 2 for Embedded PDF

Roboticist Subclass (Page 3): Google Drive Link
Contains Roboticist Subclass and statblocks for all Mechanical Servant options
See Page 3 for Embedded PDF

Power Appliance Guide (Page 4): Google Drive Link
Contains guide to understanding and designing your own Power Appliances.
See Page 4 for Embedded Image

Original Tinkerer

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