Crushing Surge

Leuku’s Combat Arts

Combat Art: Crushing Surge

The Ramcrag clan appeared as brutes wielding large heavy clubs and crude axes. They wove horse hair and beads into their braids, which would create a whistling sound as they charged across the battlefield. Despite their hulking appearances, they displayed a remarkable subtlety in their strikes. Holding back their brutish strength ever so slightly, they would position their bodies after each strike in such a way as to make targeting their vital points more difficult. A battle of endurance is a foolhardy one against one such as they.

Crushing Surge

Combat Art

Weapon Type: 1 melee bludgeoning or heavy melee weapon

When you make a weapon attack, you can remove your ability modifier to the damage you would deal on a hit to gain Temporary Hit Points equal to 3 + half your martial class level (rounded down). These Temporary Hit Points last until the start of your next turn.

Art Credit: Drifters Ch. 35 by Kouta Hirano

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