The Mudang

The Mudang is a Korean shaman that can see and communicate with the spiritual plane through the powerful spirit that resides within them. They call spirits of the Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, and Fate Spiritual Affinities to cast spells on their behalf. They are intimately linked to the recovery of the land and people of Jeosung, having been instrumental in freeing Jeosung from half a century of the Winds of Darkness, a period in which its people were driven near to the point of extinction.

The Mudang employs a new spellcasting system called Kutt Casting. Their Kutt Slots are divided into two types, Common and Uncommon. They spend Kutt Slots to summon Common and Uncommon spirits. Each spirit knows its own small set of spells. When a spirit is summoned, the spirit casts one of the spells it knows on behalf of the Mudang. Whenever a Mudang casts a spell in this way, they may choose to gain a Blessing from the spirit that lives within them. These Blessings differ depending on the spirit’s Spiritual Affinity. The Mudang can prepare a new list of Spirits each day in order to meet the needs of the people and spirits of Jeosung. At higher levels, a Mudang can summon greater spirits, called Daeshin and Daegam, to cast higher level spells.

The primary purpose of the Mudang in the society of Jeosung is to delegate between the Material and Spiritual Planes and resolve conflicts between and within the two.

The Mudang is solely available in the Koryo Hall of Adventures setting book. Please support the creator, and see not only the Mudang class but also the Koryo Subclasses for the Monk, Fighter, Rogue, and Bard, as well as the one dozen monsters, that I designed.

You can also see 13 spells I made to supplement the Mudang’s Kutt Casting right here on my website in full, free! But you’ll have to buy the book to see the 3 evil spells created by evil wizard Yun Sepyeong, Ender of the Gods.

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