Sekiro: D&D – Part 2. Perilous Attacks and New Conditions (3 pages).

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Special Thanks to Katiecakes and her awesome Sekiro videos

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Perilous Attacks

Here we can see Sekiro’s Perilous Sweeps and Thrusts replicated in 5e mechanics. They add considerable variability to melee weapon gameplay, which let’s be honest is somewhat repetitive in 5e. Perilous Sweeps force you to use Strength to jump over the sweep and Perilous Thrusts give you the option to either rely on your Armor Class (AC) or try to step-dodge out of the way with Dexterity.

New Conditions

We also have New Conditions: Burn, Shock, and Terror!

Burn deals damage overtime and prevents healing and Temporary Hit Point gain (analogous to being unable to restore Posture). I expect certain furry creatures will have a particular weakness to becoming Burned.

Shock paralyzes! No Prosthetic Tools can deal the Shock condition, but maybe certain new spells and abilities can down the line.

Terror forces you to making Death Saving Throws, even though you’re still conscious! Be sure to have your Pacifying Agent on hand.

What am I working on next? Prosthetic Art Skills and some Consumables.

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