Sekiro: D&D Part 4 – Special Techniques

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Parts 1-4 google drive pdf

Parts 1-4 imgur album

Part 3: Tomoe Fighter and Lightning of Tomoe only imgur album

Part 4: Special Techniques only imgur album


Please welcome Sekiro: D&D – Part 4, now conveniently bundled together with Parts 2-3 as you see above, and with Parts 1-4 in the google drive pdf and imgur album links provided.

Special Techniques

Today’s special techniques cover mechanics for the Lightning Reversal, the ability to jump into the air and then redirect lightning, and Prosthetic Arts, techniques one can only use if equipped with the Shinobi Prosthetic (Part 1).

It’s an open question as to whether one should be able to use Prosthetic Arts immediately once meeting the prerequisites, or if one should complete some training, challenge, or quest after meeting those prerequisites – I may write on this more later, but for now it’s up to you.

Lightning Reversal should be a learned thing, particularly at the end of a quest line. It is set up so that the odds of you reversing lightning aren’t as good as the lightning caster’s attempt to hit you with lightning (you only add your proficiency bonus to your d20 roll to reverse rather than PB + some ability modifier) so that lightning attacks don’t end up effectively nullified by anyone who knows Lightning Reversal.

For Part 5, I am working on creature statblocks: Hirata Bandits and Ashina Soldiers.

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