Sekiro DnD 5e Magic Items: Part 6 Healing Consumables.

Sekiro DnD 5e Magic Items: Part 6 Healing Consumables

Tired of healing potions? Give these tasty foods a try! Part of the Sekiro DnD Project. Read below for roll20-friendly assets.

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Part 6 of the Sekiro DnD 5e Conversion Project covers the first set of Magic Items: Healing Consumables. Sekiro offers a variety tasty-looking foodstuffs for you to munch on, and they all have varying ways of boosting you up.

This set introduces a healing mechanic that I don’t recall coming across before – multi-turn hit point recovery. Instead of getting all of the hit points at once, you regain portions of them over two or three rounds.

As a comparative note, the most basic Sekiro healing consumable is the Pellet, and it heals a total of 4 HP over two rounds. 4 HP is the minimum value of a Healing Potion, which heals 2d4+2 HP instantaneously. If the PHB lists healing potions as 50 gp, how much should a Pellet cost? 5 gp? 1 gp? I’m not sure. Let me know if you have any ideas.

For those who play Roll 20, here are individual images for each healing item that you can upload. Each image is about 200~ kb, so it shouldn’t take up too much room in your storage space. Make them into handouts and reveal them to your players the moment they acquire them.

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