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Part 7

Part 7 of the Sekiro DnD 5e Conversion Project covers the second set of Magic Items: Combat Consumables. These Sugar Candies offer significant buffs to different aspects of combat.

Ako’s Sugar – Grant a minor damage buff

Ungo’s Sugar – Grant damage reduction, excluding certain damage types

Gokan’s Sugar – Grant temporary hit points each round

Gachiin’s Sugar – Grant boosts to stealth

Yashariku’s Sugar – Grant an enormous damage buff at the cost of half your maximum hit points

If there’s anything I want you to pay particular attention to, it is the difference between Gokan’s Sugar and Ungo’s Sugar. Both are protective in nature, with the former granting temporary hit points and the latter granting damage reduction. But they offer slightly different numbers, with Gokan giving you 1 + your proficiency bonus THP and Ungo giving just your proficiency bonus in damage reduction. Why?

The way THP works, it basically adds protection for a single source of damage, unless the damage is less than the amount of THP available. It is uncommon that you will take less than 3 damage from a single source, so mostly Gokan is going to offer some protection from only a single attack per round. Furthermore, THP does not stack, so if you didn’t take any damage in a round, then you did not receive any benefits from the THP received in that round from Gokan.

In contrast, the benefits of Ungo’s triggers each time you receive the triggering damage types (Gokan is damage-type agnostic). So if you take multiple attacks a round, Ungo is your best bet to reduce the most amount of damage. Furthermore, Ungo’s benefit only triggers when you take damage, so there’s no sense of “waste” from not taking damage in any given round. Thus Ungo’s offers more overall effective benefit than Gokan’s. That is why I gave Gokan’s a +1.

Another thing to take note of is Ako’s and Yashariku’s stipulation that their benefits end when you deal damage to multiple creatures at once. This is because in the video game, Ako’s and Yashariku’s benefits applied to all damage sources you could provide, not just attacks from the sword you wielded. That is because these candies buffed your very body rather than just augmenting the weapon you were wielding. So I thought to apply that mindset to these candies as well. This means as a spellcaster you can add Ako’s and Yashariku’s as significant buffs to your large Area of Effect spells. Martial Characters would get the most out of these candies over time as they make more and more weapon attacks against creatures over the course of 1 minute. Thus the intent of these candies is to apply damage to a large number of creatures (or a single creature multiple times) over time. Since AoEs accomplish the same thing in a much shorter amount of time, I figured that’s when the candy’s benefit should end in addition to its built-in time limit.

For those who play Roll 20, there are individual images for each sugar candy that you can upload. Each image is about 200~ kb, so it shouldn’t take up too much room in your storage space. Make them into handouts and reveal them to your players the moment they acquire them.

Upcoming Part 8: More Combat Arts.

Warning: Highly Experimental

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