Sekiro DnD Subclass: Butterfly Rogue.

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Part 8

Today’s post concerns the second subclass of the Sekiro DnD project, a Rogue archetype inspired by Lady Butterfly. I know last time I said that Part 8 would concern more Combat Arts, but the work turned out to be more expansive than I expected, and I am waiting on some art assets to really make the pages pop. Please look forward to a lot of new experimental mechanics and the realization of Ashina Arts and Senpou Temple Arts at the very least.

In the game, you face off against Lady Butterfly and her high-flying acrobatics and deadly illusion techniques. Like her namesake, you learn how to float like a butterfly on imperceptible wires and create illusions to beguile your prey.

Butterfly Drop functions a lot like the Swashbuckler’s Rakish Audacity by allowing you to fulfill a different condition to get your Sneak Attack. It combos together well with Trapeze Illusionist which can be used in and out of combat to gain height, escape threats, and infiltrate.

Usui Spirit Forest mimics Lady Butterfly’s ability to summon illusory apparitions. However, instead of having the ability to swarm and attack, it is instead more of a broader-use distraction tool. You have all of the freedom of silent image and the added benefit of some Lady Butterfly-inspired tactics.

Butterfly Migration is another mimicry of Lady Butterfly’s second phase when she transforms her illusory apparitions into a swarm of glowing butterflies that then fly and explode against you.

Illusory Life is the capstone, and it references the fact that when you fight Lady Butterfly, it appears as if she only has a single health bar, but when you deplete it, her body disappears as if an illusion and she reappears elsewhere with a fresh new health bar. In essence, you can fake your own death through the power of illusion.

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