Bloodborne Inspired Weapons – Twin Spear Driver

Chronic depression sucks. I’ll be humming along and then BAM! a paralyzing malaise kicks. I think I’m over the main hump on this one, but it’s still pretty difficult. In an effort to make myself feel a little better, here’s just a little post.

My Sekiro players love Bloodborne, so I made them Bloodborne weapons. Bloodborne Trick Weapon properties don’t really translate all that well to 5e DnD, so I invented some that better utilize 5e mechanics. The following is the Twin Spear Driver, made for my player playing a two weapon fighting Ranger.

An adaptation of the Powder Keg’s stake driver to pierce the thick skins of oni while preserving dexterity. One spear can be chambered onto the other and then fired at high speed. Increases both reach and penetrative power without sacrificing mobility, though it cannot be considered a true successor, for it still pales in destructiveness compared to its progenitor.

Normal Mode: The twin spear driver has the statistics of two short spears, but with the trick property.

Transformed Mode: The twin spear driver transforms into a single short spear with a firing mechanism. When you take the attack action to attack with this short spear, you can as a bonus action use an open hand to fire the chambered spear, making an additional short spear attack (as if two weapon fighting) against the target of the triggering attack or a target up to 10 feet from you in the direction of your attack.

The additional short spear attack roll cannot have advantage nor disadvantage. The fired short spear automatically retracts back into its chamber at the end of your turn.

Trick Melee Weapon
Weapon  CostDamageWeightProperties
Twin Spear Driver50 gp1d6 piercing4 lb.Finesse, light, trick*
Short Spear (metal)10 gp1d6 piercing2 lb.Finesse, light

Trick.* Once on each of its wielder’s turns, the weapon can be changed between its normal mode and its transformed mode (no action required).

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