Bloodborne Inspired Weapons – Twin Spear Driver

An adaptation of the Powder Keg’s stake driver to pierce the thick skins of oni while preserving dexterity. One spear can be chambered onto the other and then fired at high speed. Increases both reach and penetrative power without sacrificing mobility, though it cannot be considered a true successor, for it still pales in destructiveness compared to its progenitor.

Experimental Stealth Camouflage

An experimental magical suit rumored to have been crafted by drow in their war against the dwarves in the mountains of Tselinoyarsk. It grants an nigh unparalleled bonus to stealth at the cost of a significant amount of stamina.

Tuning Dagger

Tuning Dagger Dagger (very rare, requires attunement)A magical musical dagger of explosive properties. When inactive, the blade functions as a … More