Fading Swipe

Leuku’s Combat Arts Combat Art: Fading Swipe A favorite of the fencers of the Samuelson college, its common use belies … More

Shimazu Clan

The Shimazu were a clan of provincial violent belligerents who fought with hotheaded reckless abandon, or so it appeared. Beneath that battlecraze that surpassed even my own, their integrity as united warriors blazed bright to those capable of withstanding their singleminded charge.

BBS The Fear CR9ish

The Fear (BBS) A member of an elite, though defunct, covert mercenary unit, this deadly opponent now seeks an honorable … More

BBS Yamato Sheng CR10

TACTICS:Yamato Sheng is an assassin in the guise of a condescending monk. With his sinful pride, he likes to insult … More