BBS The Fear CR9ish

The Fear (BBS) A member of an elite, though defunct, covert mercenary unit, this deadly opponent now seeks an honorable … More

BBS Yamato Sheng CR10

TACTICS:Yamato Sheng is an assassin in the guise of a condescending monk. With his sinful pride, he likes to insult … More

BBS Young Dragon CR13

An ambitious young red dragon making a name for itself by crushing parties of adventurers. See the theory behind my … More

BBS Priest CR5

A priest blessed with greater powers and fueled by a hidden fury. Who will receive its divine intervention? See the … More

BBS Hill Giant

An intimidating hill giant with more experience in fighting groups of enemies, especially enemies that fight from mid-range. See the … More

BBS Inserts Cheat Sheet (2020)

Cheat Sheet for my Big Boss Solo Inserts Article. Contains all homebrewed BBS abilities with none of the theory. Also has 6 BBS examples at the end.