Homebrew Resources

The following list contains the resources I use in order to help me make beautiful homebrew content.

GM Binder: Make your own book-authentic homebrew documents, organize all of your documents in one place, discover the works of others.

Watercoloring in GM Binder: By QalarValar.

5e PHB Style Watercolor Brushes: Courtesy of pstutorialsws.deviantart.com

5e PHB Style Watercolor Brushes HD: Courtesy of pstutorialsws.deviantart.com and thedurrrrian.deviantart.com

Full Page Watercolor Stains Guide: By /u/flamableconcrete

Homebrewery Full Page Stains Imgur Album: By /u/flamableconcrete

GM Binder Styling Reference: By /u/Rhaenon

Public Domain Images for Artists