Leuku's Homebrew Classes

What do you call a homebrewer who specializes in homebrew classes?


Designing and balancing a homebrew class is an exercise in masochism, and I can admit without a shred of shame that I lean more masochistic than sadistic. For those who share my love of DnD and self-inflicted pain, I recommend my articles Guide to Balancing (and Judging the Balance of) Homebrew Classes and Discussion on Innovative Homebrew Class Design.

My classes are ordered from newest to oldest.

Leuku’s Homebrew Classes

Made for the Koryo Hall of Adventures Kickstarter, a Mudang is a Korean shaman that delegates between the material and spiritual plane. Through the spirit that is joined to their soul, they summon spirits to cast spells and resolve conflicts arising from the agents of darkness. Utilizes an original spellcasting system. Available only within the Koryo Hall of Adventures setting book.

Based on Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy trilogy of the same name, this experimental class has no subclasses. Instead, you prepare your set of abilities each day, and gain access to better ones, with prerequisites, as you level. You can push and pull on metal, strengthen your body and senses, and push and pull on the emotions of others.

Feral Ranger
After avoiding making my own Ranger homebrew for the longest time, I finally relented. I decided to define a Ranger as a person made feral by living on the edge between civilization and chaos. I trashed almost all of the Ranger’s old features in favor of completely new ones. The subclasses are called Fables, based on legendary tales of great and terrible hunters.

Technically 4th in creation, but unreleased till year 2020. The Paladin hogs auras, and reactions are underutilized, so behold my defense-oriented, aura-wielding, reaction-powered WIS-based halfcaster. Protect your allies and cripple your foes as the unflinching Bastion.

My magnum opus. The INT-based, halfcasting, crafter class. Build anything, then turn it into a magical machine with magical engines. Travel around a rocket-powered carriage, belch lightning from your suit of armor, and send conflagration down upon your enemies.

Esper (Failed)
Hot off the heels of the Mob Psycho 100 manga (same author as One-punch Man), I was inspired to try to fill the Psionic-shaped hole in 5e. My foundation proved too complicated, and I abandoned the project, but you can read the google doc and learn from my failure.

Essentially a Fighter specialized in ranged weapon combat. It uses its intelligence to manufacture unique ammunition and employ trick shots. Imagine a Sorcerer with Metamagic, but applied to arrows.