Fading Swipe

Leuku’s Combat Arts Combat Art: Fading Swipe A favorite of the fencers of the Samuelson college, its common use belies…

Bolstering Force

Leuku’s Combat Arts Combat Art: Bolstering Force The officers of the Moore clan bore a powerful charisma, the intricacy of…

The Mudang

The Mudang is a Korean shaman that can see and communicate with the spiritual plane through the powerful spirit that…


Inspired by Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy, the Mistborn class is an unparalleled diplomat-warrior for 5e DnD. It is highly experimental, in that it has no subclasses. Instead, it has abilities that you prepare each day, not unlike preparing spells. It may be the first 5e homebrew class to have a Skill Tree (see bottom of document).

Shimazu Clan

The Shimazu were a clan of provincial violent belligerents who fought with hotheaded reckless abandon, or so it appeared. Beneath that battlecraze that surpassed even my own, their integrity as united warriors blazed bright to those capable of withstanding their singleminded charge.