The Esper (Failed Class)

Google Drive Link
This was my second and ultimately failed homebrew class. The Esper is a psychic-ability class entirely inspired by the anime Mob Psycho 100. I made and then gave up on this class before the first iteration of the Unearthed Arcana Mystic class came out. What was this class’s chief problem? Its base mechanics, Telekinetic Power and Psychic Overload were too complicated. It was my first attempt at a Warlockian-style class, in that it had many Invocation-like options. You can also see that it was made in the days before Homebrewery and GMbinder.

Fun fact: I have yet to homebrew a Warlock Patron or subclass. Not sure why.

Feel free to peruse the google drive link. You can see some of my development thought process through the comments I’ve left for myself and readers throughout the document.

With the news that the Mystic is all but dead, I may revisit the Esper in the future. Please feed me ideas that may help inspire me in this endeavor.

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