Experimental Stealth Camouflage

Experimental Stealth Camouflage

(Very Rare, requires Attunement)
An experimental magical suit rumored to have been crafted by drow in their war against the dwarves in the mountains of Tselinoyarsk. It grants an nigh unparalleled bonus to stealth at the cost of a significant amount of stamina.
This full-body button-up jumpsuit can be worn beneath any type of armor. Once attuned, as an action the wearer can become invisible as if they had cast the greater invisibility spell on themselves. At the start of each of their turns while invisible, they must roll their smallest hit die available without adding their Constitution modifier. On a result of 4 or lower, they expend that hit die without gaining any hit points. If at the start of their turn they have no hit dice remaining, they must succeed on a DC10 Constitution saving throw or else gain a level of Exhaustion. Each subsequent time they roll this saving throw before the end of their next long rest, the DC increases by 5. The wearer can end the invisibility as an action, and must maintain concentration or else the invisibility ends.
    This is an ongoing magical effect, so it can be dispelled and affected by things like anti-magic fields.

The Fear carries this equipment alongside his namesake into battle.

MGS3: Snake Eater HD Edition Official Concept Art
Memories of Tselinoyarsk by /u/Dragentei

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