Footwork Lure

Leuku’s Combat Arts

Combat Art: Footwork Lure

Less of a weapons skill and more of a discipline in movement, this technique is most frequently encountered in martial tourneys and open-hand, closed-fist contests, where the battlefield is coddled by walls, ropes, and rules. Luring your opponent into disadvantageous corners and then beating them into submission, is a valid tactic most anywhere. Beware those who bear the title “Gentlemen Brawler”. Not for the danger they might possess, but rather their dogged persistence and naive pride. To slay one with a stroke would be to sully my blade.

Footwork Lure

Combat Art

Weapon Type: 1 unarmed strike, light melee weapon, or a melee weapon wielded in 1 hand

When you make a weapon attack against an adjacent creature, you can remove your ability modifier to the damage you would deal on a hit to move 5 ft. after the weapon attack without triggering opportunity attacks from the target creature. You can then pull the creature into the space you just vacated if there is enough space for the creature to move and the creature’s speed is not zero.

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