Leuku's Subclasses

Homebrew Subclasses by Leuku. A wide mix of practical to parody.

Fighter Archetypes

Kung Pow Fighter
A Fighter who copies and adapts martial arts techniques from a distance, too proud or shy to ask to learn directly.

Paladin Oaths

Oath of Masculinity
Inspired by the character Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (IASIP), this Paladin’s oath tenets are the following:
Bros Before Hoes
Protect Your Mates
Don’t Be a Jabroni
Larger Than Life
Aspire to Badassery


Chocolate Macarons
A classic French delicacy, filled with rich chocolate ganache

Crêpe Suzette
Delicate crêpe in buttery, orange sauce; served flambé

Praline Cake
Multi-layer praline and chocolate cake with caramel cream cheese

Tarte Tatin
Sticky caramel sauce with apples, served with whipped cream

Lemon Tart
zesty lemon tang, creamy custard and topped with meringue

Trio of Fruit
Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums and passion fruit

Our fish is responsibly caught from sustainable sources.