Bolstering Force

Leuku’s Combat Arts

Combat Art: Bolstering Force

The officers of the Moore clan bore a powerful charisma, the intricacy of their braided hair woven tightly around their ebony scalps indicating their rank and privilege. They fought side by side with their soldiers, foolish by all considerations, but the survival rate of their soldiers compared to every others’ is a testament to their mettle and judgment. Wielding long arms like halberds and pikes or in tandem with a shield, they wove through the air encircling strikes that could momentarily shield their wounded allies from 
fatal blows. Such a degree of empathy on the battlefield, backed up by skill, is uncommon and thus worthy of note.

Bolstering Force

Combat Art
Weapon Type: 1 reach or 1 non-light/finesse melee weapon while wielding a shield
When you make a weapon attack, you can remove your ability modifier to the damage you would deal on a hit to grant a creature other than yourself within your weapon’s reach Temporary Hit Points equal to 3 + half your martial class level (rounded down). These Temporary Hit Points last until the start of your next turn.

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