Koryo Hall of Adventures Spells

Koryo Hall of Adventures Spells

May 06, 2020: The spells are released! If you like these spells, want to run your own Korean Culture Adventure Setting, and want to play the Mudang (Korean Shaman) class I created, please go purchase a copy here!

KHA Spells Google Drive Link

From late 2019 to 2020, I was commissioned by the Koryo Hall of Adventures 5e Kickstarter to create the Mudang Class, Subclasses for the Bard, Fighter, Monk, and Rogue, and a slew of new monsters unique to Jeosung, the physical setting of the Koryo Hall of Adventures. Making the Mudang class was a wonderful challenge, and through that process I came up with a menagerie of spells to supplement the class. Listed here are these spells. If you’d like to see the Mudang I designed, as well as the many subclasses and monsters, please go support the Kickstarter!

Koryo Hall of Adventures Spells

Page 2: Calculate (0), Flame Spear (0), Heavy Gong (0), Muck Bang (0)

Page 3: Campfire (1st), Slippery Space (2nd, R), Fissure (3rd), Sinking Sand (4th)

Page 4: Heighten Emotion (3rd, C), Unleash (4th), Promare (5th)

Page 5: Raise Platoon (6th), Raise Army (9th)


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